Oxy-Powder: Oxygen Based Colon Cleanse

oxypowderOxy-Powder® is the best rated, scientifically formulated, all natural oxygen colon cleanser that safely relieves the bloating, irritation and constipation associated with a toxic colon.

Oxy-Powder literally uses oxygen to safely melt away accumulated toxins and undigested material from your entire digestive tract. Laxatives and other fiber products work by either irritating or simply “brushing” your colon to push material out of your colon. Oxy-Powder works very differently – by converting all the accumulated waste lining your digestive tract to gas or liquid format. This allows it to safely be passed out of your system – often reducing your waistline and leaving you feeling “lighter” and with improved energy.

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One World Whey Protein.

What Is One World Whey? one world whey protein

One World Whey is an unheated whey protein that is sourced from pesticide and hormone free cows on Amish farms.

Now independently tested to be up to 200 times cleaner than popular protein powders for heavy metals!

Why Is Unheated Whey Better?

Nearly every whey protein powder on the market uses heat at some point during processing. This damages proteins, rendering the whey useless and even harmful to the body. One World Whey™, however, uses a patented proprietary cold-processing from start to finish, producing a superior whey protein. This rare cold processing preserves all the health supporting properties of liquid whey, including immunoglobins and lactoferrin.

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What Is The Best Whey Protein?

Clearly we have many options when it comes to protein supplementation. There are also many REASONS for using protein supplements in the first place. If you are going to use protein supplementation for any reason, it makes sense to use a product that gives you the most benefits possible.

Cold processed whey appears to be the best protein powder for maintaining and encouraging lean muscle mass while detoxing the body and providing numerous other health and immune system benefits.